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Who are we

Expatriates, early investors in real estate in Latvia

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Expatriating to Riga more than 10 years ago, we lived all the times of the real estate market of the Latvian market. After the bubble from the 2008, the market is at an interesting level and foreign investors have a new interest for the Latvian capital.
As buying in a foreign country is never an easy process, we propose our consulting services, based on our experience (purchasing over 50 properties alltogether) to help you in the process and advise you.
Dont hesitate to contact us to start your project in Riga !

High ROI

Combination of “low” sales prices, combined with rental prices in a capital city can guarantee you higher ROI when you invest in Riga.

Managed investment

If you don’t want to bother with managing your property, we will assist you and help you get the most of your property thanks to our knowledge of the market.

Schengen Visa ?

Investing in Riga, or generally in Latvia can grant you a SCHENGEN visa while generating great ROI.

Secured investment

Considering current market level, your investment is secured and the perspective for the next 5 years are promising.

Investment optimization

Based on your budget and investment horizon, we will find the best investment possibility for your profile.

Invest in the future

Riga is still an undervalued capital city, despite all its advantages. Investing in Riga is an investment of the future and will generate high ROI in coming years.

Our Services

All the ways we can help your for your real estate investment in Riga

Property Hunting

Assistance in purchase

Property Renovation

Property Management

Rental Management

Schengen Visa

Finding the right property for you

Finding the right property can be time consuming. That is why we propose to proceed to a selection of several properties that will match your criterias.

Legal assistance to purchase

As a foreigner there are many steps in the purchase process where its best to get assistance. Our team and our lawyers will assist you at each step of the purchase process, till the property is registered on your name.

Transforming your property

Depending on the property your acquire, you might want to proceed to renovation. Again, we can assist you in the procedure, as well as in the management of the renovation of your property.

Getting your ROI

We know how hard it is to keep up with all formalities when managing a property remotely. This is why our team can assist you to make your life easier !

We are based in Riga

If you have a property or plan to have a property in Riga and want the rental (short term, Airbnb, long term) to be managed by our team, we can assist you (contract, visits, key handover, cleaning, renovation…)

Get your Schengen Visa

Investing in real estate in Riga, you can qualify for a Schengen Visa. Let us help you get your visa.