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Reasons to invest in Riga

Why invest in Riga ?

Riga, Capital city of Latvia has several advantages and justify its choice for real estate investment

  • Affordable and Attractive property prices.
  • Growing international connections of Riga Airport
  • Possibility to get a Schengen Visa
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Is it safe to invest ?

Considering the price per square meter, its very reasonnable to think that growth perspective within the next 5 years will be important.
Riga is still one of the cheapest capital in Western Europe.

Where to invest ?

Thanks to our expertise we will guide you in finding the right property for your budget.

How much do i need to invest ?

Properties are available for as low as 20 000 euros. However, most interesting properties with higher ROI and growth perspective have a price range of 100 000 – 150 000 euros.

Any other question ?

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